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December 19, 2023

In the midst of the unprecedented events of 2020, when the world hit pause, I found myself hitting the shutter button, embarking on a journey of discovery and creativity. A lover of photography for years, it took the unexpected COVID shutdown to push me into a realm of passion and purpose.

The silver lining of the pandemic emerged in the form of a decision to get serious about my love for photography. With time at home becoming a canvas for self-improvement, I dove headfirst into a photography course, eager to refine my skills and unlock the full potential of my creative eye.

The turning point came when family and friends graciously stepped in as willing subjects for my newly acquired talents. Enter the era of “Covid proof porch sessions” – a unique and safe way to capture moments, laughter, and connection during challenging times. These sessions not only served as practice grounds but also as a source of joy and learning for me.

Armed with newfound knowledge and fueled by the positive responses from her impromptu porch sessions, I decided to take my passion to the next level. The summer of 2020 became the launching pad for my photography venture, as I started advertising and building her portfolio one captivating shot at a time.

As the world navigated uncharted waters, I navigated my way into the hearts of my clients, capturing the essence of resilience, love, and hope. The porch sessions were not just about photography; they became a symbol of adaptability, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of pursuing one’s passions even in challenging times.

And so, in the click of a shutter, I turned a challenging year into a transformative one, weaving a story of determination, growth, and the art of finding beauty in unexpected places.

Today, as I continue to build my portfolio and create meaningful connections through my lens, I stand as a testament to the fact that sometimes, amidst adversity, our true passions find their voice and lead us down a path of unexpected fulfillment.

Here’s to capturing the moments that matter and turning challenges into opportunities, one photograph at a time!


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